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about me Eva Moss is passionate about narrative filmmaking--features, episodic and shorts--as well short-form videos--micro-documentaries, non-profit, music videos, book trailers--that really tell a unique story and make us feel connected to one another and to the important issues of our time. I am a director, producer, editor, screenwriter, shooter, distribution strategizer and photographer all in one.

my philosophy

eva-31-sq6My ten years of experience working on social issue documentaries for public television, has honed my skills as both a storyteller and a facilitator of action. The films I have helped produce, edit, film and distribute have been widely used as tools to raise awareness and promote change. In particular my role as an engagement coordinator has made me appreciate the power of media to be used to further specific outreach goals- be those community, political, environmental, consumer, educational, or brand- building. Video for video’s sake doesn’t do much. You want it to accomplish something.

My first question in meeting with potential clients and partners is “What action do you want people to take?” Then we can figure out how media can be used to get you there.

In the last couple of years I have become more and more passionate about short-form media: promo videos, non-profit videos, music videos, small business micro-documentaries etc.  I love the energy of this format; I love using my various skills to articulate messages in the most concise way possible; I love making people laugh, tear-up, smile and connect to the issues in a matter of minutes; and I love being able to create, deliver and distribute meaningful content quickly, allowing it to always be relevant.


I graduated from Smith College with a degree and a half in Film and Theater Studies, but long before that I knew I was going to be a filmmaker.

I am a huge people person, always have been. I am also a life-long learner and a sponge for information. At a very young age, I realized photography and videography are a way of learning. Through these visual arts, I connect to my subjects, learn who they are, what they love, how they look at the world and then I  translate that learning into a story they can use to communicate with their audience. It’s really all about distilling and connecting.

In my spare time, I love to go on long distance bike rides, and mushroom forays, and to travel to small corners of the world and take it all in. Oh, and I’m obsessed with my furry daughter. Follow me on Instagram if you don’t believe me.