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“I’m honestly blown away by how well you articulated a message and feeling that I didn’t know would be able to get expressed. The process was so easy, and I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work. The look and sense of the video is wonderful, and some how you got me to be articulate which is basically a miracle. It’s perfect.”
– Jesse
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“I knew it would be good but never imagined it would be perfect! More clients are coming to me saying ‘what really got me was the video. I felt like I got a chance to meet you.’ Gratitude for you and your vision.”
– Valerie
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“Eva is a uniquely creative, hardworking, smart and a wonderful person who comes to a project and makes it better. In collaborating on a web-mercial for the Swell Radio app, she brought great ideas, a keen visual eye, organization, and an all around good energy. She knows how to think on her feet, outside the box and simply makes things better by being a part of it.”
– Goro
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“Eva is super fun and easy to work with. And smart! The Witness to Guantanamo project is dependent on her. Without Eva, we never would have been as successful in producing and promoting the content for our witnesstoguantanamo website. She inspires!”
– Peter
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“Eva’s work ethic and attitude are very professional and personable. She is very responsive, can think quickly on her feet even in high pressure situations, and delivers on time. She truly is a pleasure to work with.”
– Rob
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“I have worked with Eva for years on several projects, and found her an invaluable addition to any team. She is one of those rare people who is equally talented as a producer, writer, technical problem solver, and media-savvy public relations manager. On the rare occasions when she doesn’t already know how to accomplish something, she uses her resourceful investigative skills to figure out the solution. On top of it, she is cheerful, charming and a delight to collaborate with.”
– Johnny
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“Eva is very versatile – we’ve been working with her for years. She does audience engagement, educational distribution strategies and campaigns, website design and coordinates projects. She has recommended a lot of innovations that make my independent filmmaking business work more smoothly, she knows a lot of applications, she’s smart and she’s fun.”
– Nancy
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“Eva Moss has been a fantastic asset to the Climate One team. She is reliable, hard working and demonstrated a constant commitment to Climate One’s video production, team, and Climate One itself. Eva works with ease and a bright attitude. It is a pleasure to have her as part of Climate One.”
– Greg & Jane Ann
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